Retail Cannabis and Marijuana Dispensary Operations Consults


Why do customers choose one marijuana dispensary over another? Right people, right product, right prices, right location.

Emerald Elite can assist you with all the facets of running a profitable retail marijuana operation.

Purchasing & Retail Pricing

Few levers have as much power to influence profitability as pricing does. Understanding the factors that directly influence the profitability of your marijuana dispensary allows you to stay on top of your quarterly and yearly goals for your shop.

Supply Chain

Reliable, consistent suppliers are paramount to profitability and customer satisfaction. It’s something only fostering relationships and establishing long term partnerships can deliver.

Inventory Management/loss prevention

Shrink and loss are a part of doing business. They’re also one of the things that’s easiest to control. From proper storage & rotation, to up-cycling of product waste, you can learn how to minimize excess in order to maximize profits.


Proper display and utilization of retail spaces applies to marijuana dispensaries and recreational cannabis stores and not just to your local grocery store. Ensuring cannabis customers have maximum interaction with your products, new and old, is a must.

Marketing & Promotions/Customer Loyalty Programs

Learn to design creative ways to keep your customers engaged and coming back.