Large Scale Cannabis
Operations Consulting


Independent 3rd party investment vetting

There’s a lot of investor capital out there waiting to be taken advantage of by the legal cannabis industry. Plenty of private investors see cannabis as the next big boom, with visions of double-digit growth, year after year. With all of the potential optimism, however, should come a healthy dose of caution.

Cannabis businesses who don’t arm themselves against investment proposals that overestimate yield projections, underestimate market stability, and possess inadequate knowledge of the risks involved in producing boutique cannabis will ultimately be taken advantage of.

Developing a working knowledge of the pitfalls that exist within 3rd party investing specifically, and the cannabis industry in general, is a must. Wielding this knowledge successfully will ensure potential investments are grounded in experience and an informed perspective--something that can’t be overlooked as the market continues to heat up.

Human Resources/Master Gardener Assessment

Imagine two different cannabis operations. Both enjoy identical, ideal climate. Both have selected the same equipment and employ the latest production technology and automation gear. While one operation enjoys a pristine, high quality marijuana harvest, the other suffers a devastating, yet avoidable, problem that wipes out the entire crop.

Two identical operations in terms of climate and set up, what went wrong? The answer: all the equipment and technology in the world means nothing if the master gardener at the helm doesn’t know how to grow quality marijuana.

Hiring is one of the most critical decisions for your operation and sifting through resumes in order to tease out the most viable candidates needs a trained eye. But it doesn’t stop after hiring. Ensuring you are moving up the employees who possess the right skill sets and demeanor are also necessary to keep your operation moving as smoothly as possible.