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“As a Cannabis Collective, specializing in top shelf indoor flower, we see the full spectrum of quality and expertise constantly. Humboldt County’s farmers, being industry leaders in consistency, horticultural practices, and breeding, have set the bar high. This level of expertise can often be achieved with the assistance of third party consultants and be necessary to reach these benchmarks. As the level of quality required to compete in a market becoming more and more competitive by the day, third party consultation becomes an important tool to maintain a competitive edge. A great place to start seeking this expertise is with the professionals of Emerald Elite Consulting. EEC will undoubtedly be able to assist you in adopting the cultivation practices which will lead to the level of boutique flowers required by the market to remain relevant.”

Geoff Hoopes
UpNorth Humboldt


Jason P. SOTO

“In every new industry, there are certain individuals who transcend all expectation.  They operate with intention and they strive for consistency, but only to perfect their craft, not to receive accolades for something they feel should be standard.  The cannabis consultants at Emerald Elite are these type of individuals.  For the last decade and a half I have had the fortune of working with these folks on many projects and I can attest to the passion, organization, and professionalism brought to bear by EEC with every endeavor they engage in.  They have a seemingly natural ability to create works of art in an industry being flooded with charlatans who claim to be what they simply are not.  As Edison said ‘...there is no substitution for hard work.” EEC’s capabilities exemplify this to the fullest.

Jason P. Soto, Environmental Health and Safety Director
Blessed Coast Farms


Adram Darwish

“With over 40 years of combined cannabis cultivation experience, the E.E. team has a proven track record for not only talking the talk but walking the walk.  As an experienced cultivator myself, I was most impressed and found great value in their evaluations and recommendations for my grow.  I would most definitely stand behind and recommend them to new and experienced cultivators alike.”

Adram Darwish
Darwish Building and Consulting