Large Scale Cannabis
Cultivation Consultations


Multipoint on site assessment

Understanding the intricacies of large scale cannabis grows is a necessity for effective end-to-end cannabis consultation.  Through direct, on-site observation of your cannabis grow, our senior consultants provide expertise only people with intimate knowledge of your facility can offer.

90 day cultivation action plans

Generic grow plans are a dime a dozen.  Every cannabis operation is unique in its challenges - from indoor growing systems to outdoor grows.  Your region, climate, goals, and individual varieties are all taken into account when we tailor your "how-to-grow" marijuana cultivation plan.  We offer comprehensive strategies that go beyond grow room design and flowers into your broader business strategies.

Water Quality/Mineral analysis | Soil/SoilLess mediums and plant nutrition

Production goals should always be to bring your cannabis plants to the edge of their genetic potential.  Growing cannabis successfully means optimizing plant metabolism with an understanding of the interlocking nature of plant nutrition and its condition-specific needs is paramount. Climate, water quality, mineral content, and nutrient-driven pest and disease prevention can’t be overlooked if you want a top-tier marijuana grow in yield and quality.

Pest, mold, and disease prevention

Developing a reputation for environmental and product cleanliness can be an enormous hurdle to clear in legitimizing your cannabis production, both from a business and ethical standpoint. Bugs and mold can destroy your business, but employing toxic chemicals can as well while acting as a detriment to the industry at large.  

We practice mindful cultivation with an experienced understanding of both sides of this problematic coin.  This leads to a safe high quality cannabis product without relying on harsh pesticides and fungicides.  An ounce of prevention in this context is truly worth a pound of cure.  Through an emphasis on in-house propagation under a trained eye you can assure the constant threat of pests, molds, and diseases is eliminated and healthy, vigorous crops become the norm.

Yield Optimization and Harvest Management for peak end quality

Top shelf quality can be seen, smelled, and most importantly tasted and felt.  As interest in the industry intensifies so does the competition.  Staying competitive and successful demands top tier product that never goes out of fashion.  EEC can take your business into that top 1%.

Access years of experience and techniques that can help coax a plant into a form that when harvested and cared for correctly has a truly boutique quality resembling a piece of jewelry. From start to end product, this boutique quality is the result of hundreds of correct decisions made and techniques employed throughout your cannabis growing process.  In our cannabis consultations, we focus on the highest level of quality that consumers seek and distributors make room for.

Best labor practices

Cannabis production can take a toll on the body.  Taking an interest in the overall well being of your employees has two benefits: the satisfaction of knowing you’re providing a safe and healthy work environment, as well as maintaining an efficient stream of labor. Protecting the health of your staff has a strong correlation with increased labor-hour efficiency and also allows you to rest easy at night knowing your employees are being taken care of.